We are consultants to TEXTILSAND the company was founded in 1986 as a textile converter for stretch printed fabrics for swimwear, sports and beachwear. It then began to specialise in the production and sale of printed fabrics for intimate wear, lingerie, fashion and accessories with digital (inkjet) prints, traditional prints, metallic effects.

The new TEXTILSAND range is inspired by a wide range of themes that are skilfully interpreted and expressed through elegant, discreet micro-patterns, generous geometrical designs and high-impact graphic prints. A unique combination offering a great variety of choices.


RICAMIFICIO MILANI has over 100 years of history: a family owned business run by the third generation and producing lovely embroidered fabrics for Fashion, Lingerie and Accessories. Great research and taste combined with high technical skills. We are their internationalization consultants.


100% cashmere and cashmere blends knitwear for Woman, Man, Children. All Made in Italy also designed and developed for very small quantities.


l'intimo esclusivo che si illumina al buio
l'intimo esclusivo che si illumina al buio


We are the European consultants of this Australian company producing amazing underwear garments that GLOW IN THE DARK